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  1. stealing jeff's iron rocks are always fun
  2. LOL Hot dog uses HEART UNIT!!! PC NOOB!!!!! :poster_oops: ilu
  3. Your mommy doesn't love you Gm! haha yeah i remember you :$
  4. Take me on a trip to get some claws :$ and I'll love you forever :love:
  5. Very Nise! i saw you burning down moonclan island earlier :big_boss:
  6. Ok so like first of all for all the people who dont know me Im Justin aka JJ9284 or JJ, former SU and now just a bored little guy who works and still goes to school. So last week i was bored of call of duty world at war (which i own all at) so i get on runescape and decide to do some slayer. a week later i get this: So im like SWEET! FR33 D B00TS PL0X???? because i see this: So im like ~100k off 98 defence by now (started at like 600k a week ago), so i go to spiritual mages and hope to get lots of booties. Well after long time i get this: Bt if you look closely you'll notice something very strange. NO FREAKING [email protected]@@@@ WHAT THE HELL!!! Week wasted if you ask me oh and im 1984 total now
  7. I play cod world at war and ill rape just about any of you guys here tbh :thumbsup:
  8. god dam nice danny you a beast

  10. bout time i get back here lol well now i got internet and ill be trying to get 2000 total wee
  11. http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/tag/176/The_MMO_Report.html Try that guys ^ sounds nice
  12. OH YEAH! im still yet to get 2000
  13. nice! and lmao at dannni