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  1. Good luck with it all, Isaiah!
  2. I don't think it was right that you never offered to pay 10m of your share from the drop. On the other hand, perhaps at the time you didn't think it was necessary, who knows? Nonetheless, like Mike has stated, at some point the whole clan I suppose disliked him but we have learned to get along. It's obvious you're apologizing and want to solve what happened without any arguments. I'd give you another chance, because also, like family, family should get another chance. I wouldn't expect to be allowed back into the clan if something like this comes up again, and it angers everyone. But I believe we all need to move on. What's in the past is in the past. Move on from it and learn to treat everyone here like family.
  3. When I tell Cyrus a quest is required for something, and he needs to do it.
  4. omg these are great
  5. Workout more! That's about it...
  6. ur not going to achieve
  7. Keep it up!
  8. Thanks! Figured it was time I actually try to max, lol.