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  1. did you give a shoutout to the wine on those long nights of skilling?
  2. dis why papsy is still less than half my overall xp
  3. Right now before BXPW, 1694407353 @389 days and 5 hrs = 1694407353/9341 = 181.3k xp/hr
  4. why do norwegians still get everything

  5. kyle will love this. mute video and skip to 1 minute
  6. i like how kyle was at andy's 200m attack party
  7. heres my newly-made list. it aint as stacked like some of yall weeaboo n**** lists
  8. I was listening to this on a loop when playing League today with Hartjizzle and Redgi-"i'm gonna run into you at wbs with only wrath on"-cide. I did some massive DMGs in those 2 games.
  9. I love your source, john (
  10. Pokemon showdown is a pokemon battle simulator. Basically you can battle pokemon and max out their stats without having to do all that gay (like kyle but not really) shit like breeding and killing shit for better stats. There's also different battle modes and rulesets so a lot of the easily abused stuff can't be used. There is also a rating system for the people who are competitive for no reason. come plae pkmn fgt L (none of that stupid ass toilet paper card shit that max is trying to swindle everyone with)
  11. i had a 10 year cape 3 years ago oh shit. i get mine in 3 months