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  1. Congrats, cutie
  2. [22:37] <+cymike1> I GOT MY TAXES AND PAYDAY [22:37] <+cymike1> $7K GET SOME [22:37] <+Bradly> aww ye sun [22:38] <%Jumper> gratz i just found out my summer classes are 1/2 price i thought theyd be [22:38] <+cymike1> fuckin a [22:38] <+cymike1> thats great dude [22:38] <%Jumper> yh [22:38] <%Jumper> accounting 1 and 2 [22:38] <%Jumper> lets go [22:38] <%Jumper> get some [22:38] <+cymike1> hey i took them in highschool [22:38] <+Bradly> cyrus took those [22:38] <%Jumper> no u didnt [22:38] <+cymike1> they were aight [22:38] <%Jumper> no [22:38] <+cymike1> swear to god i did [22:38] <+Bradly> they were called counting 1 and 2 [22:38] <%Jumper> fucking liar [22:38] <+cymike1> not college lvl [22:38] <%Jumper> LOL [22:38] <%Jumper> LOOOOOOl [22:38] <%Jumper> LOLOLOLOLOLOL [22:38] <+cymike1> LOL [22:38] <+cymike1> god damn [22:38] <+cymike1> fuckin [22:39] <+cymike1> that was so good i aint even mad
  3. ------Quests------ Green- Done/ Red- Not Done Elemental Workshop 3 Elemental Workshop 4 Hunt for Red Raktuber Kenniths Concerns My Arm's Big Adventure Quiet Before The Swarm Salt in the Wound Tai Bwo Wannai Trio The Chosen Commander Enakhra's Lament The Great Brain Robbery Haunted Mine Some Like It Cold A Void Dance Back To My Roots Blood Runs Deep The Branches of Darkmeyer Catapult Construction A Clockwork Syringe Dealing with Scabaras Do No Evil The Elder Kiln The Firemaker's Curse Glorious Memories Grim Tales King of the Dwarves Love story The Prisoner of Glouphrie Rocking Out Birthright of the Dwarves The Brink of Extinction Ritual of the Mahjarrat The Void Stares Back The World Wakes One Of a Kind ------Tasks------ Lumbrige/Draynor Falador Varrock Seers Village Ardougne Karamja Fremennik Morytania Desert Daemonheim ------Spells------ Bones To Peaches Tune Bane Ore Tele to south Falador Repair rune pouch Teleport to North Ardy Remote Farming Spiritualise Food Make Leather Disruption Shield Vengeance Group Teleport to Trollheim Borrowed Power ------ Random------ Varrock Museum Kudos (After all quests) Music Tracks Fight Kiln Tarn Razorlors secrets (After Haunted Mine) Lay clarence the mage to rest (After Back To My Roots) Fremennik Saga 2 Fremennik Saga 3 Fremennik Saga 4 Fremennik Saga 5 Reefwalkers Cape
  4. [13:15] <+cymike1> that feeling [13:15] <+cymike1> when u got a hard crusty booger in ur nose and u feel it and ur about to get it [13:15] <+cymike1> then ur nose turns into a vagina and starts to produce wet moister snot and shit to compensate for the moving in ur nose with ur vinger [13:15] <+cymike1> and ur booger becomes wet [13:16] <+Bradly> nah dude im not 6 anymore i stopped picking my nose [13:16] <+cymike1> and u start to try and get it again but with each try u push it back further cuz its slippery now [13:16] <+cymike1> yeudp [13:16] <+Bradly> jesus christ how deep is this booger story [13:17] <+cymike1> then u try and blow ur nose [13:17] <+cymike1> and the way ur holding the tissue the booger wont seem to come out [13:17] <+cymike1> so u put all ur might into this one last blow [13:17] <+cymike1> and it comes out [13:17] <+cymike1> but it goes downward onto ur shirt [13:17] <+cymike1> and u thought u got it out onto the tissue [13:18] <+cymike1> u cant find were it went so u forget about it [13:18] <+cymike1> then gym girl is like why u got a boogger on ur shirt [13:18] <+Bradly> what in the holy fuck is wrong with you
  5. [19:33] <Giyx> oooh marnie send me link [19:34] <%Marnie> to what? [19:34] <Giyx> to the game/test/quiz thingy [19:34] <Giyx> i wanna beat it [19:34] <%Marnie> huh? [19:34] <Giyx> your speed for typing [19:34] <%Marnie> speed test .com [19:34] <%Marnie> ? [19:34] <Giyx> okie ty [19:35] <%Marnie> it's not a game [19:35] <@Kngkyle> lll [19:35] <@Kngkyle> hes gonna win speedtest [19:35] <%Marnie> lol [19:35] <Giyx> its not even loading [19:35] <%Marnie> oh well u lost [19:35] <%Marnie> better luck next time [19:35] <%Marnie> >.< [19:35] <Giyx> nooo [19:35] <Giyx> its just a grey screen rofl [19:35] <%Marnie> omg laughing so hard irl [19:36] <Giyx> honestly everytime something bad happens to me irl [19:36] <Giyx> i just think fuck you jagex lol [19:36] <+Bradly> LOL [19:36] <+Bradly> HES GONNA WIN SPEEDTEST [19:36] <+Bradly> fucking [19:36] <+Bradly> snot out my nose [19:37] <@Kngkyle> lllll [19:37] <%Marnie> seriously can't stop laughing [19:37] <+Bradly> fucking trolled by marnie [19:37] <+Bradly> god damn
  6. You act like you are the only 2 headed there
  7. [19:24] <+cymike1> god damn m8 [19:24] <+cymike1> girl asked me to go to the gym with her [19:24] <+Bradly> no she didnt [19:24] <+cymike1> she said brb ima change [19:24] <+Bradly> bet shes fat anyway [19:24] <+cymike1> said k knock on my door when ur done [19:24] <+cymike1> she went to the gym with out me [19:24] <+cymike1> cunt [19:24] <+Bradly> fucking fatty fatty 2x4 can fit through ur bedroom door [19:25] <+cymike1> lol w/e [19:25] <+Bradly> l0l [19:25] <+Bradly> u [19:25] <+Bradly> just got trolled irl [19:25] <+Bradly> LOL [19:25] <+Bradly> FUCKING [19:25] <+Bradly> IDIOT [19:25] <+Bradly> L O L [19:25] <+cymike1> fur eal [19:25] <+Bradly> Jumper [19:25] <+Bradly> read pls [19:25] <+cymike1> lol [19:25] <+Jumper> ?? [19:25] <+cymike1> what ever i work at medical [19:25] <+cymike1> ill tell everyone she got the aids [19:26] <+Jumper> LOLOLOL [19:26] <+Bradly> LOL
  8. For Christmas Day
  9. Im gonna log in everyday just to log out with the avatar
  10. l
  11. no one cares
  12. vote no if you love jesus
  13. This shit is so fucked
  14. The 3 people above me are complete liars. These photos suck dick. Any teenage girl with an iphone can post this shit on instagram.
  15. I had my dick out and everything. What is this shit
  16. mos def a razer mouse. we've all got one. its like a mo fuken gang of razer mice up in this bitch. weezy
  17. g cloud
  19. wots sc2 You're not fooling anyone
  20. not azn ask xax
  21. Im also jagex mod