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  1. 200m Strength 200m Mage 200m Range Prayer pet
  2. Correction: They are the only things on our forums
  3. Either or, would it be wiser to just go straight through 200ms or do 120s first?
  4. Hey, to increase forum activity I decided instead of talking in clan chat I would post this. I would like help trying to map out my runescape goals and achievements based on efficiency. Unfortunately I am clueless and waste a lot of time when I play. I am hoping all you sexy awesome skillers can help me out. Heres what I got to work with:
  5. Siphoning at 12 gives the same exp as disassembling at 10 but you keep the item.
  6. Looking good! Now we just got to get you addicted to slayer!
  7. I support this Kyle for president 2020
  8. And take advantage of this crazy market right now
  9. Decided to do an hour of bandos to see how that goes upon my return to R00nscape. Only one drop
  10. farming torstols is like 170k farm exp/hour and 3.2-4.1m gp/hour with portal @ max guild banker