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  1. Hey everyone. I just wanted to know who (if anyone) was getting call of duty black ops and for what system. Cuz ill be getting it for 360 and was wondering if anyone wanted to play. My gamertag is oh so original at Broke Arm92. <3


  2. (08:55:52) <@Kngkyle> i agree

    (08:55:55) <+Lie> like that kyle

    (08:56:17) <+Lie> thats you in the pic btw

    (08:56:21) <+Lie> under the writting

    (08:56:24) <@Kngkyle> ya

    (08:56:54) <@Kngkyle> im hot

    (08:56:59) <@Kngkyle> you can see my butt

    (08:57:08) <+Meg_Grace> gag

    (08:57:19) <+Lie> washed your pillow yet?

    (08:57:25) <+Meg_Grace> ew!

    (08:57:27) <@Kngkyle> yes

    (08:57:35) <+Lie> lucky

    (08:57:48) <+Meg_Grace> i dont believe he has

    (08:57:50) <@Kngkyle> cleaned it with my mouth

    (08:58:32) <+Meg_Grace> why am i not surprised?


  3. I personally have never smoked pot, but i do think it should be legal for medical reasons. I mean if you are mature enough to handle it and take it while you are in pain then why not? lol. As long as you are not harming anyone i don't see what is so bad.


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      Your current RuneScape name: - Broke_Arm92

      All former RuneScape names: - Broke_Arm92, Joel_Rankn, Broke_xD

      Skill total: - 2106

      Combat level: - 136

      Total experience: - 180mil

      Roughly how much do you play per week: - 40-50 hours

      Do you have any plans to go inactive in the next 2 months: - nah just scaping :)

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      Are you currently in any clans: - nope

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      -never been in any clans before :D



      How did you hear about Skillers United: - Well, I have a few friends in Skillers United and from clan chats and such

      Who (if anyone) convinced you to join: - Phoenix99155

      Why do you want to join: - I have friends in SU already and i want the opportunity to make more and i hope i can do that here :P

      Do you use IRC, if so, what is your nick: - yes, broke_arm92

      Do you use Skype/Ventrilo: - yea both ask me if you want my skype

      What four events did you attend:

      - Manage Thy Kingdom

      - Ivy Woodcutting

      - Great Orb Project

      - Manage Thy Kingdom

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      Real name: - Joel

      Age: - 17

      Location or time zone: - Central, Illinois

      Anything else: - im a friendly guy and i hope i can get the opportunity to get to know you all.

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      How many points are required per month: - 100

      Who are the 2 current leaders: - Kngkyle is the only leader atm

      How many points do you get for attending an event: - 20

      What is our clanchat: - Suclanchat

      What happens if you do not get the required number of points in a month: - The first month you get a warning, but the second month you get kicked

      What is the clan home world: - 22