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  1. Hey everyone. I just wanted to know who (if anyone) was getting call of duty black ops and for what system. Cuz ill be getting it for 360 and was wondering if anyone wanted to play. My gamertag is oh so original at Broke Arm92. <3
  2. o i might add u
  3. My link
  4. (11:29:05) <+Lie> lol i not have a big one (11:29:08) <+Lie> mines only 3 inch (11:29:10) <+Lie> just curious tho (11:29:12) <JDM> HAHAHA (11:29:17) <+`InuYasha> no surprises ther
  5. (08:55:52) <@Kngkyle> i agree (08:55:55) <+Lie> like that kyle (08:56:17) <+Lie> thats you in the pic btw (08:56:21) <+Lie> under the writting (08:56:24) <@Kngkyle> ya (08:56:54) <@Kngkyle> im hot (08:56:59) <@Kngkyle> you can see my butt (08:57:08) <+Meg_Grace> gag (08:57:19) <+Lie> washed your pillow yet? (08:57:25) <+Meg_Grace> ew! (08:57:27) <@Kngkyle> yes (08:57:35) <+Lie> lucky (08:57:48) <+Meg_Grace> i dont believe he has (08:57:50) <@Kngkyle> cleaned it with my mouth (08:58:32) <+Meg_Grace> why am i not surprised?
  6. Pot

    I personally have never smoked pot, but i do think it should be legal for medical reasons. I mean if you are mature enough to handle it and take it while you are in pain then why not? lol. As long as you are not harming anyone i don't see what is so bad.
  7. sounds fun o.O
  8. Name: Broke_Arm92 Runescape Name: Broke_Arm92 Console: Xbox 360