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  1. here you go bee man50 ily
  2. Pot

    This may be offensive to some but I come to you with this question in a mature approach. I myself smoke some pot from time to time. I do so responsibly and as a mature adult. I don't take some idiotic high school teenager approach to it. So my question is, who here does casually as well? Don't have to answer if you do not want to and sorry if I offended anyone. Also if you do not what are your views on it? Just some discussion
  3. Pot

    Seems kind of ignorant to say seeing as your logic hardly justifies a solid reason to hate it so much as you express lol. This made me literally lol. There are a few people on my friends list who I could really see this happening to =P Also, Emily I want to try to get what your saying but its kinda ridiculous to me. Lots of drugs are given to people for valid medical reasons...lots of people including myself would have been dead without the help of modern medicine. Just because some guys in power deem one certain substance is legal and one isn't doesn't make all of the medical research backing it as a medicinal drug invalid. Many of the everyday things you breathe in and consume without thinking about it are far more pollutant to your body: from the toxins off the bottle you drink your water from to the chemicals sprayed on your vegetables. In the long run we live in a society that pollutes us even with the items we think are healthy all in the name of better profits. +1
  4. Pot

    yeh posting on facebook it on facebook is just pathetic L, i dont understand why people feel that everyone needs to know every single move they make, never had a facebook never will lol.
  5. Youtube Video ->
  6. Pot

    Addiction is a thing in some ones mind. I myself can stop something anytime I want including smoking pot. Like rebelioness said just depends on the mind state and maturity level of who it is dealing with it. Rebelioness I agree totally with you in my high school years id smoke an 8th a day and now that i look at it i think of how pathetic it was ans how it ruined a lot of good things even lost my gf so yeah. Like Einstein said people who don't make mistakes never try anything new;)
  7. Pot

    Yeah I understand what you mean. That is what I consider high school immature idiot pot smokers. I've met some doctors and very successful people who you would think would not want to have anything to do with it and it made me wonder:P Yeah idiots who brag are the ones who have given the people who don't know much about it a reason to stereotype it as something pathetic. I rarely do it 1-2 times a month, doing it daily like its a job can be a bit childish I guess it just depends if you can handle it as a mature adult or a be a excuse my language a stupid fucking idiot about it.
  8. nerd
  9. Youtube Video ->
  10. sounds legit but 1400$ for a ticket gg irl gp
  11. o
  12. LLLLLL
  13. legit
  14. I am currently running a 5870 in Eyefinity mode with 3 24" 1920 x 1080 monitors, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to optimize the settings in the Catalyst Control Center to work with RuneScape the best. For me everything comes in crystal clear only thing wrong is the names in the clan chat seem kind of blurry not to the point they can not be read but just sore on the eyes at times Just wanted to know if anyone else out there had a better options setup that might cater to RS a bit better. Thanks in advance.
  15. Get 99 RC =o?
  16. Ah so I am not the only one who uses rainmeter, this program truly is amazing, I tried messing with samaurize and hated it this is like a easy to do samaurize. I just wish there was a lot more programmers for rainmeter to make the config DB expand.