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  1. Sooooooooo I've gotten hooked on Ascension Crossbows (bad idea since I've probably just been extremely lucky my first few bows), but I'm going to go for like 50 or something and see what happens. Gear: Inventory (number of keys varies per boss. I do 10-10-8-10-6-10 respectively): Action Bar: 0: Primus/Secundus/Tertius/Quartus/Quintus/Sextus/Crossbow Cost -> Profit 1: 9-42-12-14-49-88-16.6 -> +72.5m 2: 119-28-20-92-15-20-19.2 -> +5.5m 3: 23-4-47-10-75-27-21.1 -> +63.7m 4: 163-124-4-44-75-17-16 -> -108.2m 5: 36-89-5-115-4-63-15.1 -> +14.4m 6: 89-52-76-66-119-28-17.2 -> -83.9m 7: 3-26-39-16-34-28-16.3 -> + 117m 8: 27-4-161-30-5-2-16.29 -> +54m 9: 39-24-2-111-19-23-15.85 -> +60m 10: 17-24-5-6-4-8-15.3 -> +133.1m 11: 22-136-129-2-4-12-14.8 -> +15m 12. 19-12-5-???-2-???-14.3 -> -45m - No idea how many keys I used on Quartus/Sextus, 150? 200? IDFK BUT I GOT 17 KEYSTONE DROPS ON THIS BOW...I ALMOST MADE THREE BOWS IN ONE BOW FUCK OFF JAGEX Result of First Ten Bows: 1-10: 525-417-371-557-340-303-152 -> +328m Other Drops: 189m Total: 517m Running gp/h: 7.3m-10.3m Total Profit (Eleven Bows): Profit off Bows so far: 298m Profit in Other Drops (Shards/Dragon Longswords/Herbs/Seeds): 244m Total Profit: 542m
  2. Guys I failed
  3. The fuck is this bullshit

    1. mex ican

      mex ican

      i think this was all done to bump my status update down. i am very angry

  4. School is a bitch. Spring Break time!

  5. #bringbackarcade
  6. Fuck bows being so cheap
  7. How about that Lore rhymes with Core - core of the game
  8. Fuck I forgot I still have bxp shit to sell

  9. Have to take two super huge workload classes is one semester senior year HOLLA

  10. I saw this. Mod Slayer said they were working on it, which means nothing's going to happen ever.
  11. Lore Q&A in a nutshell (x-post from /r/runescape)
  12. Three sub-ten signets, then 161 Tertius fucked up my day. Walked out only +70m on this one (could've easily been 100+)
  13. He's going to start posting about 07 slayer now
  14. Cost about 80m in keys. I always save scales to make Sirenic Mask, so this one boosted profit this bow ~7m (w/o the mask, about 8m profit in "other" drops, usually about 20m cause it takes me so many more keys haha). Still, solid recovery after bow six.
  15. Seeing as keys are expensive as dicks right now, I've decided to take a break and camp some rorarii (until 3/4/6 are ~300k again at least). In just over an hour I made ~11m so, so far these are much better hahaha
  16. Six bows, I'm at about 2.3m-3.3m gp/h
  17. You mean the Under Graduate Library? Reference:
  18. The high keys are starting to go down but the ones usually ~300k are in the 400k range
  19. I've learned not to jinx it haha. Never say "looking good after Primus" - my 15 Quintus first signet was my -87m bow lol. Best of luck though!
  20. Ended up down 85m on that bow after selling all the seconds and shit. Fantastic
  21. There's also the Collector's Edition (which I also have) that includes The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, and Majora's Mask (and Ocarina of Time, but I already have that as a separate disc).
  22. Well, are you looking for The Wind Waker? Or Ocarina of Time? Or Ocarina of Time: Master Quest? Perhaps you're looking for Twilight Princess? Maybe you want Four Swords Adventures? I have all except Twilight Princess.
  23. Still mad I made 190m+ in three bows