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  1. 5/10 tis scary looking
  2. We'll dung after Su's thieving comp. xD 23 - 30th or something I think

  3. idk include fun stuffs

  4. not rly. lacked fun =(

  5. lolz u fink im gey?!

  6. Isn't that a boys name????? lololodlgolololoz

  7. Stay positive. I'm looking for a male e-whore. :}

  8. whatever e-whore. <3

  9. Nah kyle doesn't agree. We were made for each other so he'll never side with you. =)

  10. When: March 27th Time: 4pm EST/8pm GMT Where: Fairy ring code DKS Hope you can be there and for those who don't have me added my rsn is Icy Empress now
  11. lol too funny Kristen btw hahahaha ily!
  12. thanks everyone <3