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  1. Ok, I now know trying to get RC done this year equals me slacking L. Conclusion: 1) stop caring bout rc 2) stop caring bout other goals Pick one L
  2. [22:15:18] <cymike1> im not a anal virgin anymore =/
  3. couldn't hold your hand still? Nice pic.
  4. 692!
  5. Hard goal yo! GL!
  6. I should post mine here sometime.
  7. He's done already... He has been done for months
  8. I think I failed a bit.. Goal was 20 99s I think... got 17 atm. Realistic goals for 2011: - 23 99s, RC won't be 99 and IDK what other I'll skip. - Get atleast 10m headless arrows banked (for 200m fletch either with broad or addy) Challenge: - Get a GF. - Get 120 effigies for 99 rc.
  9. Launching fireworks and chilling on teh couch watching shows.
  10. how are you going to get def exp w/o getting hp?
  11. Some people use "wa" and "na" for "with altar" and "no altar". So denkna would be dead end no key no altar. Usefull when there's not enough cash.
  12. I voted the whale oil.... In most other cases, you can commit suicide anyways, but whale oil is a slow and painful death without any escape...
  13. Lars, where the fuck are ya?