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  1. This will be very helpfull for me! I havent quite gotten the hang of it yet. Thanks
  2. Death runes are also from points - had a bit sved up, and never skipped a task As for dark bows, im a noob and havent done the quest for beasts :$ - embarassed to admit.
  3. After a long time slaying, actually its all ive done since i have returned to rs so far - i finally manged to get this: Got this as the only "big" drop along the way: And here are the drops i have had from 97-99 slayer: Add in 24 crystal keys, which i opened for an extra few mill. - slayer is pretty profitable Now its probably time to work on all stats 90+ (after ive used the gathered charms to ge 93 summoning)
  4. I know that there has been a couple of questions on this subject already during the last couple of days, but I still have a few questions to ask. Since I have had a break from rs for more than a year, and all ive done since i started playing again has been slaying, i was just wondering: What is the best/cheapest way to get a lot of shards now? - just buy from the store, or buy from other players? What is the fastest way to make pouches, do i use any familiars og do i just walk to obelisks, and which obelisks is the fastest? - if i use a familiar, do i buy the pouch or make it myself?(or would that be a waste of charms?) These are the charms that im currently holding: Plan is to make all golds to barker toads, use greens for fruit bats(as i saw someone saying that was cheapest), then continue by making the highest possible pouch with my crimson charms(unless i should stick with rocklobsters until a certain level? - and lastly, save my blues for lvl 89. If anyone could please help me out with all of this - i know a lot of it may be very basic, but i havent done summoning for so long - so i feel a bit lost and puzzled about how it should be trained. Thanks in advance.
  5. Pretty much the same - I tell friends if i stumble over the subject, its not like im trying to keep it a secret.
  6. Currently 600k from 97 slayer, which I will be getting before taking a break from slayer.Might work on all 90+ after that
  7. Very nice I had them as a slayer task, got sick of it really fast and decided to just block them
  8. Grats on your 1800 total
  9. I dont want to know how long ive played, but its porbably up there
  10. Grats on 99 hunting - and best of luck with the runecrafting
  11. Congrats on 2k total and 91 rc
  12. Grats on all those levels Keep doing such a good job.
  13. Congrats on the big 2200 Very nice!
  14. It has been alright, Ive had 1 whip in 4 tasks, 6 dragon boots, 2 dragon meds and a few rune items, so it has been alright (Thats in around 800k slayer xp)
  15. Finally got to 95 slayer, been slaying for the past week?- and still going strong