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  1. Jk lol would be epic.. Got 20mbit down, not too bad i guess.
  2. Nice bank Jeff Lets max that cashpile out u pro staker
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noxwCNMkALU
  4. alrighty, add me and ill accept you as friend tomoz
  5. OWNED lols ;p
  6. RSN: Elite__Gamer; Console: Xbox 360 ^ name: Cyanzata
  7. it means that im effing leet
  8. Bald pussy's ftw? ohai
  9. i lolled irl lol for range go to MM tunnel/nechs
  10. Cute little bank Lie
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL1Nu3qZLdg
  12. Youtube Video -> Youtube Video ->
  13. I killed a french fry because I am sexy as hell.
  14. Construction - Oak dungeon doors (with SC Hammers) What you basicly do is make a door, remove it, make another, remove it then use your noted planks on the butler and do ''un-cert another 20 planks''. And again, and again and again. Starting XP + inv. Ending XP Using those 6 SC hammers took me 33.5 minutes and i got 356.036 - 48.984 = 307.052 XP which is: (307052/33.5) * 60 = 549.944 XP per hour.
  15. Wow insane, nicely done CJ
  16. This might be my favourite ong of all times, no wait I think it IS my favourite. Just pure epicness, enjoy: Youtube Video ->
  17. Nice talking to jagex there lol, seems to help sometimes though, nice gallery. I never screen barrow loots, so can't post any. Not that I did barrows alot or had a lot of loot, but ye. Nice pics
  18. Was able to pull out some more dl speed this evening:
  19. Holy smokes, epic upload lol