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  1. Champaign-Urbana, ha... and yeah, I jump around to a lot of random RS forums, it's weird. And I fish sharks and idea why I prefer sharks, just seems like less of a hassle, bleh.
  2. Uploaded with Annnnd, slowly, but surely...need to go back to rocktails... Uploaded with
  3. 10.54M or so. Not a clue when I reset it last.
  4. The only energy drink I buy is the coffee ones, Rockstar or Monster. Just drinking a regular energy drink is rather unpleasant.
  5. I'm sure some people won't get it, because of different locations around the world so heres a commercial. I'm not sure why I found it so funny when I saw this person, but meh haha. Wow, never did look at that screenshot, nice fail by Gadwin Print Screen. Oh well, also enjoy a portion of my Facebook Most Recent .
  6. Other than ivy for a little while to get from 98-99 a little quicker, did yews and magics the whole time. After 99 fletching, I just let the logs add up (and I got 2 magic seeds from nests ha), going to sell it all now :thumbsup:.
  7. Capital idea.
  8. 1800 skill total :X
  9. Coffee definitely.
  10. Attack back in '06.
  11. Fishing, about to get a level =/