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  1. It's really not all that hard: Person A gives a few letters for instance: RTS Person B follows by giving a meaning to the letters (be creative as possible; sexual references are not per definition necessary) and posts a few more letters for the next person. For instance (as response to RTS): Real Terrible Sex ALV Note: sexual references are allowed (upto some height you ought to understand yourself) unless some leader complains about it Note: you can use real abbriviations or even words (for instance, I just found out my first pick for the next person would be Alb, but that turns out to be a word), however that is okay, in that case it would be nice if the person next would not write down the official meaning (compact disc for the abbrev CD for instance), but think of something more creative (Catastrophic Decision) Note: Both the letters and amount of letters for the next person are up to you, however stay reasonable (so, XYZ or NWGNGOWIVLOPG would not be reasonable) And off you go with: ALV
  2. I think at the beginning even I had a higher total than him... You've come a long way
  3. Some nice work in there -- good job At the second pic (some portraits) are the eyelids meant like that? They seem somewhat overaccentuated and heavy to me making them looking more sleepy than necessary -- but maybe that was on purpose And erm... (God I'm hating myself for always critisizing everything) isn't the head of the girl in the water somewhat smallish? I could be wrong for anatomy has never been my strongest part but... seems a little like that to me
  4. nudity + coffee-shops... If I were that owner I'd open it in Amsterdam
  5. That might've been on purpose And heh, glad I don't recall really how much I played... probably too much though Note, just to put things in perspective: As much as time is not the only factor (dependency is much more important for instance), in general addiction-experts begin thinking about game-addiction when the person plays 30 hours or more. Not judging not does anyone have to do anything with it, merely some back-ground information to put things in perspective.
  6. Probably, for it seems that is aimed not to contain too many new-comers and not to be a 120+ world or wherever the exact definition of high level precisely is. Then again, I don't see the enormous amount of added value of the latter compared to other more-needed updates, but that could easily be a matter of perspective.
  7. wondered who'd bring it up And heh, I don't really watch tv.. at all... Even though I have seen the first 2 seasons of Heroes, but I heard the 3rd one was crappy. And don't get my started on movies, for I love (and hate) too many
  8. ooooooooooehhhh... adult worlds :bed: and that be a load of questions
  9. 97 agility is a great lvl... I'd stay if I were you
  10. The title says it all... Like wtf?! Why would you get on RS?!
  11. ...and I didn't even know I had a drivers license
  12. If you have some spare time, I really found this a very interesting documentary: Youtube Video ->Original Video
  13. heh, are there any more obvious ways of implicite asking to get in it? XD
  14. oooooooeh I like myself ranging on high heels ftw
  15. uhm... nice bump
  16. ooooooh very impressive achievement
  17. lol, great pics XD
  18. *watches the average SU IQ-expectation plunge* Guys, it's a prank, it's fake... except for the horrible concept you could've noticed at least half a dozen pokes at Apple XD
  19. Too busy for the eye for my taste Kyle (or too hard on the eye?) on the other hand, you are certain I won't stealz0rz it from you
  20. Ohi

    Ye, or for those with Rooq btw: I'd be one of those candy-underwear-things :cuteface: :thumbsup:
  21. Ye I know trevor, but people like me forget that always even though they have it in their favs... that's why I like the part that says that your subscriptions have added new vids
  22. I just forgot why I did not move to Sweden Just so this post isn't completely spam :cuteface:
  23. Ohi

    Are you comparing us with underwear? It'd better be some good underwear then... New Forum Games-idea!: What kind of underwear would you want to be? :thumbsup:
  24. did you already know I do no longer play RS? :cuteface: XD hey emiel
  25. Ye, if I remember correctly I've been the top-poster for quite some time even though emma overtook me in the end and heh... my stats were even more terrible when I first joined