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  1. dakkieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :o

  2. I think at the beginning even I had a higher total than him... You've come a long way
  3. Some nice work in there -- good job At the second pic (some portraits) are the eyelids meant like that? They seem somewhat overaccentuated and heavy to me making them looking more sleepy than necessary -- but maybe that was on purpose And erm... (God I'm hating myself for always critisizing everything) isn't the head of the girl in the water somewhat smallish? I could be wrong for anatomy has never been my strongest part but... seems a little like that to me
  4. nudity + coffee-shops... If I were that owner I'd open it in Amsterdam
  5. That might've been on purpose And heh, glad I don't recall really how much I played... probably too much though Note, just to put things in perspective: As much as time is not the only factor (dependency is much more important for instance), in general addiction-experts begin thinking about game-addiction when the person plays 30 hours or more. Not judging not does anyone have to do anything with it, merely some back-ground information to put things in perspective.
  6. Probably, for it seems that is aimed not to contain too many new-comers and not to be a 120+ world or wherever the exact definition of high level precisely is. Then again, I don't see the enormous amount of added value of the latter compared to other more-needed updates, but that could easily be a matter of perspective.
  7. wondered who'd bring it up And heh, I don't really watch tv.. at all... Even though I have seen the first 2 seasons of Heroes, but I heard the 3rd one was crappy. And don't get my started on movies, for I love (and hate) too many
  8. ooooooooooehhhh... adult worlds :bed: and that be a load of questions
  9. 97 agility is a great lvl... I'd stay if I were you
  10. The title says it all... Like wtf?! Why would you get on RS?!
  11. ...and I didn't even know I had a drivers license
  12. If you have some spare time, I really found this a very interesting documentary: Youtube Video ->Original Video
  13. heh, are there any more obvious ways of implicite asking to get in it? XD
  14. oooooooeh I like myself ranging on high heels ftw