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  1. Notice as runescape activity declines, the more porn being searched increases. Jagex needs to keep up with the trends and add porn to the game.
  2. kristen bell is annoying...

  3. lol i'm glad i quit rs xD Just looking around this forum since ages lol. How are you doing?

  4. beyond stupid
  5. i'll take 2
  6. hey season dear did you write this all by yourselfs?
  7. Whats the point then. hay ben i'll start it at 250k out of sympathy// well i tried to think if a name but i dont care that much
  8. youyou
  9. the fuck is up with you and harming kittens. ofc I would. --- would you rape your girlfriend if you knew nobody would believe her?
  10. goddamnit season
  11. (3.75) only raising the bid because I felt if i posted just to insult kristen, it would look bad.
  12. lolok 16.5