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  1. If I wanted to raise my summoning I would do Slayer.
  2. Apparently this is going around everywhere. I ave now heard someone tried to do it to SS and RSC Today... And I am running Firefox, with a Firewall and an AntiVir Guard Enabled and nothing popped up saying it detected a virus...
  3. I already clicked on the link, when I saw the url I quickly left the site before I entered any information. I am just wondering if I could have gotten a key logger just from clicking the link?
  4. If it is a hacker I did click on the link to vote for SU but when it said to log in and I saw the URL I did NOT enter my account info. If I clicked the link to get re directed to the scam site is it possible that I have a virus just from that!? My Anti Virus Guard did not pop up and say that it found a virus after I clicked on the link, so I do not think that I got any key logger from just clicking the link. Any info please?
  5. I liked her Video...I didn't think it was "Snobby" at all. She was merely showing how she has progressed through the time, no different than people like Yogosun who create Videos showing the History of their Stats. I actually Un-Subscribed from Tofraz after I saw that video, was fairly repulsive imo.
  6. Hi. I have 20m to spend on Magic. I would like to know the different Methods of getting 99 with that amount of money (from 82). I already know of Stunning for xp and Alching (ofc), but I have recently heard of Methods such as Plank Make and Humidify but I do not know how to do them. Please help
  7. That sucks Atleast you got un muted quickly though
  8. this
  9. Very nice guide, will help me a lot
  10. I doubt I would even play it, worked to hard on my rs2 account.
  11. You have been ownd. <3 You all be jealous of my Elite inventory, admit it!
  12. Bottom left.
  13. So what's your guys' favorite Skin for these Forums? I like Aqua, and Black & Orange the best
  14. i played before i got hardcore in runescape my xbl is SurgicalMaggot I only play cod4 because thats a mans game