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  1. Failed on all accounts in 2017. Looking forward to more fail in 2018: 200M Divination 200M Farming 200M Smithing 200M Magic I'll just stop there.
  2. you da best
  3. 2016 Goals: I failed pretty hard in 2016 as well. Didn't even meet my 'assuming the worst' goal of 4.4b overall xp. I did get 200m mining, fishing, and constitution though. 2017 Goals: 200M Smithing 200M Farming 200M Inventor 200M Summoning 200M Magic 4.75B Overall XP
  4. i did horrid 2017 will be better
  5. Feel free to come up with new stories and post them here. Your stories are the only entertaining thing on our forums.
  6. that woman..............
  7. nice eyeliner
  8. grats season on 1nd place
  9. im pretty sure i won
  10. The case looks nice. Graphics card is the previous generation but will still do everything you'd want and save some $$. The sound card probably isn't necessary - the motherboard will have one. Sound quality is more dependent on the actual headphones and supporting drivers. You'd probably get more bang for you buck by taking that $100 and putting it towards a nice pair of headphones. Wifi card brand isn't important no, I'd go with the cheapest one that has a good rating. If it breaks whatever you can replace it easily and cheaply. I would definitely get a solid state drive of 256gb or higher for your operating system and all applications. You can get another 2tb disk drive if you need more space for music/movies/etc. I would just go with 32gb of RAM.. it's come down a lot in price. Like $170 for 32gb and then you don't have to worry about upgrading for probably ever.
  11. can you stop talking about me you obsessed freak
  12. [5:15 PM] Kngkyle: ~texas [5:15 PM] Rev254: No [5:16 PM] Kngkyle: stupid bot is broken [5:16 PM] Rev254: You actually made a command for that?? [5:16 PM] Kngkyle: facepalm [5:16 PM] Rev254: Nvm [5:16 PM] Kngkyle: no wonder @Meg likes texans. ur as gullible as she is [5:17 PM] Rev254: Lmao [5:17 PM] Rev254: Not true [5:17 PM] Meg: you're a fucking idiot, Kyle lol [5:17 PM] Meg: work time, bye! [5:17 PM] Meg: You could only dream of being as smart and wonderful as us, or any Texan. [5:18 PM] Meg: and Aussie. [5:18 PM] Kngkyle: drink ur coffee, take ur meds, and shut the hell up
  13. Kristen was in Chicago last night and we both got wet. ......................................................................... (it was raining)