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  2. rs3 overpowered nerf please. Grats tho
  3. 432 days and 2 hours 817.2m xp Improved to 78.8k/hour in about a month and a half.
  4. yeah why not
  5. Oboi should I reactivate my account for this
  6. I started a Facebook group for Skillers United, see link below. Stay connected with us.
  7. My osrs ironman: 62 days 9 hours 87,255,758 xp 58.3k/hour
  8. yea POF is nice, I'm only doing it for the breeding log. can speed up farming and can make money just pick which one of those you want/need
  9. Thank you @Roca! I need to incorporate some of these. For farming I also make sure to check my crystal tree every day. Its about 16.8k xp in an instant (15k without avatar bonus). But I heard player-owned-farms is the way to go now too. I think @Cymike1 farms baby dragons in his farm for free money. I haven't tried POF yet.
  10. yews and mazcab: yes cache: yes daily: is still good, then again with the update to mining and smithing you can do up to 2m xp/h with burial sets jack of trades: still the same warbands: still the same imo cheap for cons, smith, herb and farm good for mine book of char: good but i'd just do curly roots with superheat form prayer, its basicly almost free and like 1m/h easy sinkholes still good (do dg daily too if you like it) melee, i'd do armoured zombies or abyssal demons still range: still chin abyssals, alternative do shattered worlds tryhard its rly good mage: also abyssals /airuts maybe the abyss if you want to afk in legacy cb vid for range/melee: vid for mage/range tryhard if shattered worlds:
  11. 428 days and 4 hours 797,419,325 xp Improved to 77.6k/hour! yay
  12. Does anyone know if this is still relevant?
  13. the dedication to post after 10 years
  14. Hai guise im maxed <inappropriate picture from my stupid years>
  15. its not a bad way altho there are much better ways like bossing. tbf thieving is great to afk for money
  16. Is thieving still a great way to make money? I'm a bit out of the loop.
  17. Hey, to increase forum activity I decided instead of talking in clan chat I would post this. I would like help trying to map out my runescape goals and achievements based on efficiency. Unfortunately I am clueless and waste a lot of time when I play. I am hoping all you sexy awesome skillers can help me out. Heres what I got to work with:
  18. Let's see our total efficiency in the lifetimes of our accounts. Take your total exp and divide by total time played in hours. Get your total days played multiplied by 24 and add the few leftover hours if any. EXAMPLE: Time played - 320 days and 2 hours = 7682 hours 242.8m/7682 = roughly 31,606k exp per hour during my account's lifetime. Ok, your turn!
  19. Welcome to Scoots Thread of fail. <random paragraph that no one will read goes here> Current Goals These are the Goals in which im looking to have completed by March 2010, i am doing them in no order as everyone needs a break at some point during skilling! The reason in which i have choosen to do these skill is because they are the longer skills and the last of my non-buyables. Yes these goals seem a bit extreme and ill probley quit runescape again before getting near 99 in any 3 of these skills, but its always great to have goals! To 99 To 80+ (to make all skills 80+) Achievements / 99's to Date 99's to date Agility Attack Cooking Defence Fishing Fletching Hitpoints Magic Range Slayer Strenght Achievements Three firecapes - Not much of a achievement these days Inferno Adze - Finally brought myself around to getting this Quest Cape - This was a painful few days.
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